Hurricane Irma vs. MBMI

She didn’t stand a chance!

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We are proud to report that every MBMI building in the USA that was hit by Hurricane Irma was un-damaged. This includes the recently erected building for the FKAA in Big Pine as well as a metal home built back in 2007 in Marathon. We have reached out to all of our customers that were in the path of the storm & offered our services if they sustained any damage. We are proud to report that not one customer needed our help.

Steel building in Goodland, FL

This little building located in Goodland, FL brilliantly survived a direct hit from Hurricane Irma a couple weeks ago. Located on the southwest coast of FL, it was subject to Cat 3 storm winds just a couple miles from the storm's eye. The marina in the background was not so fortunate! We don't take any short cuts in design and engineering to ensure we are providing an excellent sound structure.

The erector had just finished putting up this building a few weeks before the storm hit & was obviously concerned since they heard that the metal boat storage building at Walkers Marina was a total loss along with many other structures in the Goodland area. When they visited the site they were very happy to see that the MBMI building was totally sound.

Why choose MBMI?

MBMI was formed by a group of top steel building professionals who were focused on delivering the best products and services possible. It's no secret in this industry: You're only as good as your steel building experts and their skill in engineering and detailing. And in those areas, MBMI is second to none!

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We've become a leading steel building company because of our people. Our engineering department is comprised of draftsmen, detailers, estimators and licensed structural engineers, all in-house, to collaboratively design and stamp the plans of each and every one of our buildings.

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We are an American custom metal building company, with each product manufactured in the U.S.A. using only the finest quality metal components. Custom pre-engineered buildings are modernizing construction because they are easy to construct and design options are incredibly versatile.

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As your sustainable custom steel building company, we are dedicated to saving the environment while reducing energy costs and waste. The steel used to manufacture our buildings are made from up to 60% recycled material.

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